Coca-Cola’s Gay Ads Spark Backlash in Hungary

Soft drink juggernaut, Coca-Cola, released a new ad campaign in Hungary titled ‘Equal Love’. The ads feature both same-sex and heterosexual couples. Naturally, the conservatives of Hungary are furious, and according to AdAge, they stated that Coca-Cola “promotes same-sex love over heterosexuality.”

A Hungarian anti-abortion organization even jumped in, starting an online petition to remove the ads. Luckily, Coke isn’t backing down. The company has decided to stand by their ads, stating,“Our belief is that everyone has a right to love and that the feeling of love is the same for all.”

This whole debacle began with Coca-Cola releasing the ads in preparation for the upcoming Hungarian Sziget Festival, where this year’s theme is Love Revolution. It seems that the more frightened conservatives get of change, the more they fight. Which is only natural. Scared and selfish people are bound to try and keep things the way they are. All we can do is continue to push forward to bring equality to all.

If you’d like to support Coke, they’re using the hashtag #LoveIsLove.  Write your support to the company and be sure to use the hashtag!


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