Cocktail Music: Hugs Not Drugs (Or Both) by Brendan MacLean

Photo via YouTube

Photo via YouTube

Brendan Maclean shared a video for “Hugs Not Drugs (Or Both)” on Monday, and it’s the big gay at-home soirée we didn’t know we’ve been waiting for. It comes complete with bubble butts, glitter beards, and a guyliner-clad butler plucked straight out of “I Write Sins Not Tragedies.”

In collaboration with Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack, “Hugs Not Drugs (Or Both)” is the latest single off of the Aussie popster’s forthcoming EP, due out this June. In typical Maclean style, it plays out to be just as fun (and danceable) as it sounds.

PedestrianTV sat down with the singer to inquire about the video for his new track, to which he replied, “Basically, I wanted to make a video clip with a queer cast where no one died of AIDs and we clearly enjoyed themselves as consenting adults, but no one died.”

Mission accomplished! It’s also a fabulous “fuck you,” he says, to Mike Baird, anti-gay politico from New South Wales. Look out for his new EP, and get more familiar with Maclean’s new track, below:

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