Cocktail Music: The Triumphant Return of Hercules and Love Affair

Image via Facebook

Image via Facebook

In 2008, Hercules and Love Affair stormed the indie music world with nu-disco hits “Blind” and “You Belong.” The songs boasted sick’ning music videos and drew attention because they featured queer indie superstar Antony Hegarty. Hegarty’s appearance was especially thrilling, because his features cast him in the role of a disco diva, a stark contrast to the slow ballads he sings with his band Antony & the Johnsons. Since 2008, Hercules and Love Affair also released 2011’s LP Blue Songs, but this one did not feature Hegarty as a guest vocalist. Blue Songs sported a whole new line-up and was released on a different record label. Critics’ response to Blue Songs was lukewarm; they missed the old sound.

Hercules and Love Affair returned last week with their new album The Feast of the Broken Heart, and they are continuing with the direction they explored on Blue Songs. And despite what any critic has to say, they sound right at home. The group has moved away from the 70s throwback moments of “Blind” and “You Belong” — they seem to be gravitating more toward House music. The New York Times recently featured Andy Butler, one of the band’s leading members, who shared Hercules and Love Affair’s unique, international influences — he even provided readers with an exclusive Spotify playlist! Check it out here.

Listen to Feast of the Broken Heart standout track “I Try To Talk to You” here, or after the jump…

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