David LaChapelle Exhibit Opens Today in New York

An exciting new exhibit by David Lachapelle opens today at the Lever House (390 Park avenue) in New York City and runs through September 2, 2011. Titled “Darkness to Light” the exhibition highlights themes the artist wants to illuminate in his current work. LaChapelle tells us: “Contemporary culture pre-disposes us to associate the figure in photography through the lens of pornography and commodity culture via the Internet and printed material. We are surrounded by women and men in advertisements, luring our eyes and wallets. In this exhibition, I seek a new visual renaissance; a re-imagining of the human form and its relationship to the divine.

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My installation at the Lever House highlights the nude body’s redemptive and illuminating potential. In the context of contemporary photography, the proposed images function as hybrid between craft and traditional photographic image. This highlights the emancipation of the figure-freeing the human form from the bondage of photographic comodification and ultimately the cyclical connectedness between innocence and enlightenment. By invoking the Renaissance in the poses in a transcendent installation, I hope to delight, inspire, and intrigue the beholder, and in some way, resuscitate the figure from its current state of commodity.”

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