Derek Schell Comes Out Making Him First Division II US College Basketball Player to do So

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Derek Schell a 6-1 senior guard for Division II Hillsdale College in south central Michigan has come out in an article for OutSports making him the first-ever Division II basketball player with the US National Collegiate Athletic Association to do so while still playing. The 22-year-old openly discusses growing up as an athlete and popular high school jock. “As a star athlete and a successful student, I held a high social rank at a prestigious Catholic high school. For most 17-year-olds, that is a dream come true. For me, it was a nightmare.” Eventually coming to accept his sexuality in college after meeting his boyfriend of two years online (sorry boys) he writes: “I began to realize that my life was my own…I came out as gay to all my closest friends because I wanted to see who was really a true friend to me…I eventually told my family, the three absolute rocks in my life.” Eventually he came out to his teammates. Talking to them individually he told each one and received overwhelmingly positive support from them. “They all respected me and recognized that nothing had changed and I was the same team mate and friend that I was before. Despite attending a conservative college, I have been accepted for who I am by those on my team and others close to me,” he writes. 

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