DeSantis Signs Law Endangering Florida’s Children

DeSantis Signs Law Endangering Florida’s Children

All American’s need to speak out and show their support for the people of Florida. Parents and their children in that state are now under attack by Governor DeSantis and extreme anti-American republicans who will pass any law, no matter how harmful, or unconstitutional, to promote their authoritarian agenda.

According to Crooks & Liars, “Instead of making sure Florida kids have more health insurance or are safe from gun violence, Gov. DeSantis just made them subject to legal kidnapping.” They went on to report:

The new law will allow the state to take custody of a child if they have been “subjected to or [are] threatened with being subjected to” gender-affirming care, which includes puberty blockers and hormone replacement therapy. Florida courts could modify custody agreements from a different state if the minor is likely to receive gender-affirming care in that second state. The text refers to gender-affirming care as “sex-reassignment prescriptions or procedures” and qualifies this care as a form of “physical harm.”

Medical facilities would have to give the state Department of Health a signed attestation that they neither provide gender-affirming care to any patients under the age of 18 nor refer people to providers that do. Their medical license renewal is contingent upon sending in this attestation.

Can you imagine the emotional harm to a transgender minor who is removed from their home and placed into Florida state custody? Obviously, DeSantis doesn’t care whom he hurts for the sake of his “anti-woke” politics.”

These anti-family, anti-LGBTQ laws in Florida do not represent the people of that state. We have friends, family, and colleagues in Florida who are outraged by what is going on, and they need your support. These laws need to be condemned, and they need to be reversed in court. The “lawmakers” who passed these laws need to be removed from office.

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