Diesel Releases Controversial, and Inspiring, New Video About Being Transgender

Diesel, the fashion brand known around the world for their high-quality clothes and accessories, has just released a video for Pride Week that will surely cause some controversy, as well as inspire many people.

The video follows Francesca, who was born male, but transitions to female. At the start of the video, you’re not sure what to think. You see a dark shot of Francesca taking a pill. It tricks the viewer into wondering if this is going to be about drugs. But then, you start to see Francesca’s life, and you realize she’s transgender.

By the end of the video, Francesca seems to complete her transitioning….but that’s not all. The video made sure to give Francesca a life outside of being transgender. Francesca has a dream, just like everyone else. The ending is so brilliant it makes the viewer smile uncontrollably. So many people on this planet see trans people as weird, or wrong. Seeing a trans person becoming a nun is a completely new vision that many have probably never thought of before.

Screenshot via YouTube

While this is sure to enrage some in the religious community, it’s also an inspiring new take on the trans narrative that is sure to break barriers and present transgender people in a whole new way.


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