Disney Channel’s Children’s Program ‘Doc McStuffins’ Features Two Moms and Anti-LGBT Group One Million Moms Freaks Out

Doc McStuffins a Disney Channel animated children’s show about a seven-year-old girl that aspires to be a doctor featured a same-sex couple over the weekend, and the anti-LGBT group One Million Moms (1MM), of course, lost their shit.

On Saturday in an episode titled “The Emergency Plan” Doc “Dottie” McStuffins, who treats toys that come to life, helps out two toy moms that are separated from their child during an “earthquake” caused by a dragon. The episode is about disaster preparedness and how families should communicate and have an emergency plan. This is a topic on par with the show that emphasizes sharing, inclusivity, and the over all idea of girls and people of color aspiring to be doctors.

Doc McStuffins Emergency Plan

Screenshot from Doc McStuffins on GLAAD.

At the end of the episode the family hugs which is probably what set 1MM off. The two moms are voiced by out actresses Wanda Sykes and Portia di Rossi. In an interview posted by GLAAD Sykes talks about how it is encouraging to have her kids see a family like hers on a show they watch.

One Million Moms however took to social media deeming the show is “no longer clean” and is forcing an imagined LGBT agenda. They posted a blog post asking for their readers to “take action” by writing emails to Disney or else they’ll be “forced” to stop watching the channel for fear of reruns or commercials of the show. This is just the recent “boycotting” the group has proposed in a long list of anti-LGBT rants including kids show Sky Vs. The Forces of Evil, a Zales commercial, and children’s magazine Highlights.

The creator of the show Chris Nee is a lesbian who also has children in a two-mom household. In it’s five year run this is the first time the show has had a same-sex couple.

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