EXCLUSIVE: Margaret Cho Is Bloating Around The Country

by Lawrence Ferber

Margaret Cho kicked off her “Fresh Off The Bloat” Tour in Chicago last month, and has now kicked it into high gear with a NYC date October 12th, Boston on the 13th, and USA dates through mid-November (Europe’s to follow!). She promises “my sickest show to date” chock full of deeply personal revelations and racy stand-up.

We spoke with her for the VIP Lounge—keep an eye out for it in an upcoming issue of Passport—and here we have an exclusive bonus lightning round of Q&As!

Have you ever been tempted to steal a piece of furniture or art from someone’s home? 

Oh I don’t have furniture envy – it’s all just functional as far as I am concerned.

What about a house you would love to steal and occupy? Maybe Buckingham Palace! Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom have a cool Moroccan place, too.

Ever found out someone was using your identity online?  

There are a lot of fake Margaret Cho pages and sites, but the real one is the realest so there’s no comparison.

Where would you have your last meal and what would you order?It seems like it should be bagels and cream cheese or even just toasted with butter.

How did your role in Sharknado 5 come about?

I love the franchise and it just happened. I’m so lucky!

What’s the scoop on Undateable John, in which you co-star with Daryl Hannah and other luminaries?

I haven’t seen it yet, but I had the best time on set with Joan Jett.

And if they made a movie about your life so far, who would you want to play you and what episode from your life would you want dramatized?

I want to play me and I want to do it all!

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