Family Research Council who Blamed Hurricanes on the Gays, Left Homeless After Louisiana Flooding

Famously anti-gay Tony Perkins is learning all too quickly the meaning of the phrase reap what you sow. The president of the Family Research Council is currently living off of “god’s provisions” in his mobile home after flooding in Louisiana greatly damaged their home. And while it is never appropriate to poke fun at anyone losing a home to a natural disaster (even someone as vile as Tony Perkins), we can’t help but point out the irony.

“This is a flood, I would have to say, of near biblical proportions,” he said on the radio. Perkins’ wording about biblical floods may strike a chord for those who follow the anti-gay lobbyists gibber jabber. After hurricanes struck New York and other parts of the nation, as Hurrican Joaquin barreled toward the US, Perkins said that the natural disasters were a sign of “god’s wrath for the legalization of gay marriage.”

Remember, let’s keep donating and supporting the over 40,000 people who are displaced because of the flooding.

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