France and Germany Join EU Nations to Stop Anti-LGBTQ Law in Hungary

France and Germany Join EU Nations to Stop Anti-LGBTQ Law in Hungary

France and Germany have joined 13 other countries in the European Union that are suing Hungary over a 2021 anti-LGBTQ+ law. The suit, brought by the European Commission, challenges the Hungarian law which discriminates against people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “We stand by the side of the #LGBTQI community. The common values of the EU are the DNA of our free & open society. Diversity is our strength.”

Pierre Karleskind, a French member of the European Parliament said: France and Germany join the Commission, together with about 15 other states and the Parliament, to counter the Hungarian ‘anti-propaganda’ #LGBT law before the EU Court of Justice!”

According to the BBC: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Hungary “has no business being in the European Union any more.” He went on to say he was aware he could not push Hungary out of the EU by himself, so it had to be done step by step.

LGBTQ NATION reported Hungary’s so-called “Child Protection Act” bans LGBTQ+ content in the media and restricts how sexual orientation and gender identity get discussed in schools. In a video…Canadian-born Hungarian member of the European Parliament Katalin Cseh called the law “a shameful piece of homophobic legislation directly copy-pasted from the playbooks of Vladimir Putin.”


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