Gambian President to Gay Men: ‘I Will Slit Your Throat,’ The US Must Do More to End Violent Anti-Gay Rhetoric by Gambian Leaders

Image via Facebook

President of Gambia. Image via Facebook

Today, gay rights groups are urging the Obama Administration to take additional action against Gambian leaders as the regime continues to persecute LGBT citizens, calling on the White House to condemn the horrific human rights abuses taking place across The Gambia. At a political rally earlier this month, President Jammeh threatened to slit the throats of men who wanted to marry other men in his country. This type of rhetoric is not uncommon in The Gambia, contributing to an already severe epidemic of homophobic violence in the country.

In their letter to Susan Rice, HRC President Chad Griffin and RFK Center President Kerry Kennedy wrote:  “As the human rights situation in The Gambia grows more dire, we strongly urge you to consider the steps we have recommended in order to protect the country’s highly vulnerable and already marginalized groups, including LGBT people, who undoubtedly remain under serious threat.”  The letter calls on the White House to release a statement condemning the oppression of marginalized groups in The Gambia and bar President Jammeh and his associates from entry into the United States.


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