Gay Baseball Player Comes Out to his Mother, Teammates, and Roommate on National TV

A baseball player came out as gay on television last night when he told his teammates and his mother. The awesome, heartfelt was part of TLC’s new series This is Life Live. The player, Ryan Jordan Santana, was playing in a match between Azusa Pacific University and St Mary’s Catholic High School in Phoenix in California when he made the announcement.

“I feel like I struggled with it, and I know there are others struggling with their sexuality as well,’ Santana said. “And I feel like I don’t want them to feel alone or by themselves. And i want to let them know they are not alone. I want to be some kind of outlet, a light.”

Santana told Outsports, that his decision to do it on a Christian campus “‘was a tough spot for me because I do believe in God. It was challenging time for sure.”

“I lived a lie my whole life. I was always too afraid to even tell my teammates. But I don’t want to have to lie to them about this part of me anymore.”

His teammates, his mother, and his roommates have all been supportive of his decision.


“I’m accepting of anything and everything with you boys,” his mother said. “You’re still you.”

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