Gay Business Profile: Jason Mitchell

Image via Passport.

Image via Passport.

Wedding bells are ringing. With the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act earlier this year, more gay and lesbian couples than ever are considering marital vows. Specifically, many gay grooms across the country will embark on uncharted territory, spending a significant amount of time and money to create the perfect wedding experience with very little frame of reference. Enter Jason Mitchell, author of Getting Groomed: The Ultimate Wedding Planner for Gay Grooms (Chronicle Books, 2013). Mitchell has drawn from his own personal experience as well as years in the special event industry to create a streamlined guide for grooms planning their perfect day.

Mitchell says that even though he has viewed his parents’ long-standing marriage as a benchmark for an ever-growing and evolving relationship, the possibility of taking traditional vows (and the ensuing celebration) didn’t seem possible until recent shifts in state and federal law. “It’s incredible to me to think how far we’ve come with marriage equality in a short amount of time,” says Mitchell. “I realized with [my boyfriend] Michael that I had found somebody really special. Coincidentally, it was when things were shaping up with marriage equality.”

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