Gay Travel: 2014 International Pride Highlights

Toronto Gay Pride. Image via arindambanerjee

Toronto Gay Pride. Image via arindambanerjee

Forty-five years have passed since the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City sparked the modern-day gay-rights movement. On that fateful summer night, fed up with discrimination, harassment, and incarceration, the crowd of gay men, lesbians, trans* people, and drag queens at the Stonewall Inn finally stood up to the police. What started as a three-day riot has become a worldwide revolution. Much has changed since then, and the velocity of that change is something to behold. We’ve gone from cabaret laws that prevented two men or two women from dancing with one another to being allowed to marry and adopt children in some parts of the world. From France to Minnesota, gay marriage has recently become a welcome part of life for so many. While we take pride in the positive changes and celebrate our community with thousands of over-the-top events from big cities to the small towns, during this season we also must remember that there are still so many battles to be won.

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