Gays in France Tell Sarkozy “Au Revoir”

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy promised gay and lesbian voters civil unions, which would give same-sex couples rights equivalent to marriage. Five years later, Sarkozy has not filled his promise. Now, he has said that the plan to have a marriage-like contract that would also grant gay and lesbian couples the right to adopt children is unconstitutional and he is now against it: “In these troubled times,” he told La Fiagaro Magazine, “we shouldn’t be clouding the image of such a crucial social institution.”  According to France 24:

According to the latest polls, Sarkozy has done just that. A survey published by the CEVIPOF political research institute in January puts Sarkozy’s share of the gay vote at a measly 20%, while his Socialist rival François Hollande enjoys 53%.

“We no longer find Sarkozy credible,” explains Anne Boring, a former GayLib member who voted for Sarkozy in 2007. “Over the past five years, Sarkozy’s UMP party has done nothing at all for us. The Socialists on the other hand, have advanced enormously, and are now clearly in favor of marriage equality and granting parental rights to same-sex couples with children.”

The disappointment in Sarkozy has the LGBT community moving far right. According to a new poll, over 17% plan on voting for far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

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