Gender-Affirming Health Plan Provides LGBTQ+ Community With Specialized Care

Gender-Affirming Health Plan Provides LGBTQ+ Community With Specialized Care

A new gender-affirming program from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) Health Plan connects the LGBTQ+ community with vetted health care providers who can provide specialized care. 

Under this new plan, health care providers would be required to take an online course to be better equipped and educated on the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. Once the course is completed, these providers are given a special designation which informs patients that the physician is trained. 

“Health equity is really important to us at UPMC Health Plan, and this is one way we are trying to hit the mark on that,” said Denise Hughes

Over the past year, many states have attempted to cut access to healthcare for LGBTQ+ people, with special attention to gender-affirming care. So plans like these, though they are not common across all medical providers, become one of the only grounds for support for many LGBTQ+ people whose access to healthcare is not protected or respected by state law. 

UPMC is an award-winning health insurance agency based in Philadelphia, PA with top notch customer service and experience ratings. Currently around 1,500 physicians have been trained under this new plan.

The organization’s special online tools can help connect you with a specially trained healthcare provider today. These tools give a list of providers for various categories of LGBTQ+ health including gender-affirming surgeries, voice therapy, sexual wellness therapy, gynecological care and more. 

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