George Takei Sets Donald Trump Straight on Gay Marriage

Images via Facebook

We’re aware that the endlessly entertaining George Takei is friends with Donald Trump, as evidenced from their mutual respect for one another on last season’s Celebrity Apprentice. What we didn’t know is that they are close enough to go on lunch dates! As much as we cringe every time we see the pernicious Donald in the papers, every once in a while he says something that makes some sense. (We can’t believe we just typed that!)

Check out what Takei had to say about their lunch date from his Facebook:

Friends, I had lunch with Donald Trump today at the Trump Tower Grill. It was a lively and engaging hour-long conversation that touched upon his personal position on marriage equality. He confided that he recently attended a same-sex wedding and that he’d found it “beautiful.”

I remarked that NY is now a marriage-equality state, and that after all, marriage is better for business! Minds are changing across America, and I am always ready to speak to those ready to listen. I hope that my chat with The Don might have some effect on his stance on the subject.

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