German Fitbit Ad Leaves Little to the Imagination

Photo via YouTube

Photo via YouTube

That’s one way to get out of a fitness slump.

That’s the subject of Fitbit’s new ad for “die App, die dich bewegt,”or “the app that moves you.” Like the Fitbit we’ve come to know stateside, its totally-foreign German counterpart, Fitmit, also lets users net points for gym sessions and redeem them on workout gear or wrist tech, among other things.

So, the aim is to work out so you can cash out on some new threads, otherwise you’ll end up at square one, like this buff, naked sports model? It’s okay if you don’t entirely get what they’re saying. We like to think there’s a universal language when it comes to gym envy, or good ol’ checking a guy out at the gym.

Check out the NSFW clip below, and try not to break a sweat:

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