Get Out the Vote Video Featuring Taylor Swift Song Goes Viral

A new ad that was posted to YouTube by Congressman Eric Swalwell features the hit Taylor Swift song, Only the Young.

The ad, which according to Rolling Stone, had Swift’s full permission to use the song, features prominent moments that have shaped the last four years.

It shows moments from the COVID pandemic, the #MeToo movement, ICE raids, the Black Lives Matter protests, the Women’s March, the wildfires that have deviated California, attacks on the USPS, the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and more.

The ad asks younger viewers what kind of country they want to live in and what kind of world they want to create. So far, the video has viewed almost 8 million times on Twitter and over 200k times on YouTube. Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris even shared the video on her Twitter.

As the ad makes clear, this vote is in YOUR hands. This country can be whatever the American people vote for it to be. Never let anyone intimidate you, discourage you, or harass you into submission. Change comes when people demand it, and as the video shows, there has never been a more important election to make your voice count. #onlytheyoung


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