Giant Killer Hornets Wreak Havoc in Northwest China

Giant Killer Hornets

Photo by Addicted2Hymenoptera

Swarms of gigantic deadly hornets have been devastating communities in northwest China.  With bodies of up to two inches in length and venomous stingers as long as 3.9 centimeters, these massive insects, referred to by biologists as Asian giant hornets, have induced anaphylactic shock, renal failure, and death in their victims and have left gaping holes in the skin.  Since July the lethal creatures have caused 42 deaths and more than 1,600 injuries in China, wreaking the most havoc in Ankang, a city in southern Shaanxi, where a reported 230 residents have been stung. Many victims remain hospitalized, some for more than two months, according to a Daily News report. While mass attacks by these toxic insects have been confined to Asia, sightings were reported in the Chicago area in July of 2012.  Despite the extensive efforts of local authorities in China who have provided $1 million in aid and destroyed nearly 710 hives since the initial attacks, the death toll may continue to increase until December when biologist say the Asian giant hornets will enter their hibernation period.

For more details read CNN’s extensive report and watch the video after the jump.

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