Global Cocktail: The ‘Key to the City’ from Windsor Court Hotel in New Orleans

Image via Windsor Court.

Image via Windsor Court.

Ready for some uber-luxury? Find your way down to New Orleans where you can revel in one of the glitziest cocktails around. Drink like the elite at the Windsor Court Hotel with the $10,000 “Key to the City” cocktail made of D’Oliveiras Malvasia 1907 Madeira Cobbler and served in a silver julep cup, garnished with fresh fruit, and souvenir gold key. Too rich for your blood? Make your own rendition at home and look forward to the day when you can gobble down ten grand.


2 oz Louis XIII Congac

¼ oz Simple Syrup

2-3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters

Herbsaint rinse


Chill your rocks glass. In your mixing glass combine Rye Whiskey, Simple Syrup and bitters. Add ice and stir the drink for about 30 seconds. Empty your rocks glass, then rinse the glass with Herbsaint. Garnish with a thick lemon zest.

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