Global Fort Lauderdale Cocktail: 3030 Ocean’s Harbor Beach Old Fashioned

1 Luxardo Cherry
1 Orange Slice
1 Sugar Cube
2 Dashes Angostura Bitters
2 oz. Harbor Beach Woodford Reserve Bourbon

When it comes to LGBT welcoming travels destinations, #HelloSunny Fort Lauderdale is always on the top of our list! Also on top of our list is this delicious cocktail from one of the city’s must-taste restaurants, 3030 Ocean located in the fabulous Harbor Beach Marriott Resort. This LGBT hot spot is also one one of our artist at large’s favorites, too. Watch Chris Lopez dine and cocktail at 3030 Ocean and find out everywhere else he likes to frequent in his city. 

We snagged the recipe for 3030 Ocean’s Harbor Beach Old Fashioned

Combine cherry, orange and sugar cube in mixing glass and muddle
Add Bourbon and bitters
Stir with bar spoon until thoroughly mixed.
Add ice sphere to 12 oz high ball glass
Strain through fine strainer into glass
Garnish with orange peel and 2 luxardo cherries

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