GoFundMe Raises over $3 Million for Victims of Las Vegas Shootings

The massacre in Las Vegas comes just more than a year since 49 lives — most of them Latinx — were taken in a mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. This also comes as Congress is considering legislation to allow silencers and transportation of concealed weapons across state lines.

“Our hearts are with Las Vegas and all those impacted by this horrific tragedy. After Newtown, our nation called for action. After Tucson, Virginia Tech, Aurora, San Bernardino, Charleston, and Alexandria, we called for action. After the shooting at Pulse Nightclub a little more than a year ago, we called for action. Yet, in the face of these mounting tragedies, many of our lawmakers have refused to act on meaningful gun safety legislation. As these politicians fail to act, at least 58 people in Las Vegas were killed last night, while hundreds more have been injured. It’s time for Congress and the White House to act. We need leadership now, and we must continue to demand it until our lawmakers either hear us — or we have new lawmakers,” said HRC President Chad Griffin.

So far, a GoFundMe has raised over $3 million for the over 50 men and women who were murdered in Las Vegas on Sunday night and for those nearly 500 who are continuing to receive medical attention.


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