How to be a High Roller in Las Vegas Without the High Price Tag

Many of the people who visit Las Vegas go there to indulge in pampering resorts, enjoy electrifying entertainment, and taste the culinary creations at celebrity-chef restaurants. Vegas is whimsical, pandering, and outrageous. Between Sahara Avenue and Russell Road, Las Vegas Boulevard is only 4.2 miles, a considerably small stretch for the annual 41 million visitors (roughly 112,000 visitors a day) who cram busy restaurants, bars, pool parties, theaters, and casino floors. To experience shorter lines, unpublished deals, significant exclusivity, and the ultimate, privileged perks, travelers in-the-know have discovered secrets they would never divulge. In Vegas, elite secrets are best-kept secret. In fact, it’s to one’s advantage to keep insiderVegas benefits to themselves to maximize their vacation experiences, the same way a poker player carefully strategizes his hand for a win. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but the secrets of a better experience are officially out, and now you have everything to gain. This is how to be a high roller in Las Vegas without the high-roller price tag.

Fly Private (ish) 


Image Courtesy of JetSuitex

One of Las Vegas’s best-kept secrets happens even before you step onto the famous Strip, and it guarantees the most stylish arrival. While celebrities constantly fly in on private jets, the other 99 percent (us) can do the same without blowing through our life savings. JetSuite, a private jet company, launched JetSuiteX, a public charter service on Embraer 135 aircrafts with 30 seats, and anyone can book a flight. Passengers who fly JetSuiteX not only arrive on a private jet (approximately $169 one way), but they land at McCarran International Airport’s Signature Flight Support private terminal. There’s no baggage claim to wait at, no shuttle to take, no long terminals to walk through and, best of all, your limo is waiting out front. For now, JetSuiteX only operates out of California, in Burbank (Los Angeles) and Oakland (San Francisco).

Spend the Day at a Five-Star Spa with a Private Oasis


Bellagio Spa Oasis. Image Courtesy of Bellagio.

A wonderful secret very few gay men know about is in Bellagio’s 65,000-square-foot spa oasis. Grand and polished, the elegant men’s section features its own water-therapy circuit that includes three hot tubs, a cold-plunge pool, eucalyptus steam room, and redwood sauna. But beyond these amenities, through the vanity area behind a secret door, a hidden outdoor terrace looks over the pool area. Fully furnished and peaceful, this is a further sanctuary for men who want to smoke a cigar between treatments. It almost feels like a private, VIP deck, and there’s no other Vegas spa that has such a cushy spa balcony area. It’s not easy leaving the spa, but when they do many guests step past the doors behind the check-in desk on the second floor for visual stimulation. This terrace harbors a direct, unobstructed bird’s-eye view of the resort’s famed Conservatory. It’s the best vantage point in the building for viewing the famous fountain show, and your photos are destined to be an Instagram hit.

Ditch the Casino Bars and Drink Like a Local 

In-the-know gay travelers make a beeline to local LGBT hot spots. The kitschy, campy, and colorful The Garage is near the Strip (about a ten-minute Uber ride), but carefully removed in its own rainbow-colored oasis. It’s a quirky dive bar with a design that conjures a gas station auto shop meets video arcade meets sports bar. With cheap booze, good times, and a fun crowd, The Garage is among the preferred LGBT hideaways for gay locals. It’s also near the University of Las Vegas, so expect a fun college-aged scene.

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