An Illustrated Children’s Fairy Tale, Pays Homage to LGBT Historical Figures and Pulse Nightclub Victims

A new children’s book written about a same-sex couple has been dedicated to the victims of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shootings. Chaz Harris and Adam Reynolds, a New Zealand couple, released their first children’s fairy tale Promised Land for children aged five to ten.

Promised Land tells the story of Jack a farm boy, and Leo a prince who meet in the enchanted forest and fall in love. Everything seems wonderful until Gideon the Queens evil husband tries to take away the enchanted forest that Jack’s family owns a farm on.

Promised land gay children's book

Promised land gay children’s book

The book was finished the day after the Orlando massacre, and, according to Harris, it only seemed fitting to dedicate the book in the victims’ memory.

Harris was traumatized by the events and was shaken by the killer being disgusted with two men kissing. Harris said: “I was personally very affected by it. There was a vigil here in Wellington that I went along to. I had people saying ‘Why were you so upset? Did you know anyone who died?’ But an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.”

Promised Land uses an illustrated map of the kingdom that pays homage to LGBT historical figures like Silvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson with places like “Rivera Ranges” and “ The Marshes.” and “Shepard’s Bay is named after Matthew Shepard, the murder victim whose death sparked a national debate about hate crimes.

Harris and Reynolds Hope this book can be a starting point to teach kids about LGBT history. [BF]

You can order your copy here. 

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