Indeed Offers Trans Employees 10k to Relocate to a Safe Trans-Friendly State

Indeed Offers Trans Employees 10k to Relocate to a Safe Trans-Friendly State

Job search company Indeed has promised transgender employees $10k to relocate to LGBTQ+ friendly states following a terrible year of anti-trans state legislation. 

In addition, Indeed has offered a $10k stipend to employees to travel out of state for medical treatment. These actions make Indeed the leading company supporting trans employees as conservative states around the U.S. face an onslaught of anti-trans legislation in schools, public spaces and athletics. According to Trans Legislation Tracker, 83 of 566 anti-trans bills proposed this year alone have been passed. 

Indeed’s headquarters are based in Texas and Florida, both of which have seen numerous anti-trans bills introduced and passed along with incessant rhetoric from governors and other political figures against LGBTQ+ people. 

A report from McKinsey on being transgender in the workplace found that more than half of transgender employees don’t feel comfortable being out at work, and that cisgender employees earn 32% more than their transgender counterparts regardless of equivalent or higher education status. For this reason, Indeed’s efforts to support transgender employees set a standard for other U.S.-based companies. 

An article from Bloomberg featuring comments from recruiters and relocation experts revealed that many transgender employees feel uncomfortable living in a state with such legislation and sentiments. Sam Burger, a senior content creator, told how they used the funds to relocate to Colorado where Indeed’s insurance policy will fund their gender-affirming medical care.

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