Indonesia’s Crackdown on LGBT Community Should Impact Tourism

Indonesia’s Crackdown on LGBT Community Should Impact Tourism

While Indonesia is primarily known for its world-famous beaches and breathtaking resorts, tourists may want to think twice about visiting the country after a string of government-sanctioned anti-LGBT attacks.

Lawmakers from all ten political parties agreed that gay men caught having sex with another man should be thrown in prison for up to five years (despite homosexuality being listed as a mental disorder).

And while arrests have been increasing, the most disturbing action was taken against two men who were caught having consensual sex in the Aceh province, which practices Sharia-law. The two were marched onto a stage and were caned 83 times in front of a crowd.

According to ETN: Rights groups and legal experts fear a profound setback to human rights and privacy in Indonesia, one of the world’s largest democracies, and the spread of vigilantism, already common in parts of the sprawling Muslim-majority nation of more than 250 million people. They are racing to organize opposition. An online petition launched this week has gathered more than 20,000 signatures.

Now you may want to think twice about booking a trip to Bali.

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