Is Russia Really Going to Sue Apple over their Gay Emojis?

Screen Cap via iPhone

Screen Cap via iPhone

Lawmakers in Russia who downloaded Apple’s last iOS upgrade are not to happy with Apple’s socially liberal stance on the LGBT community. To lawmakers’ horrors, the new set of emojis include gay and lesbian couples. Now, one district in Russia plans on suing the company for breaking their anti-gay propaganda laws. Officials in the Kirov region formally launched an investigation. Attorney Yaroslav Mikhailov said that the Silicone Valley company is breaking the law, and that Apple is promoting gay and lesbian couples to children.

‘The police concluded that my complaint was justified, and opened a case on an administrative offense,’ the plaintiff said.

If the company is found in violation of the law, it may be required to pay $15k (chump change), but they could also be forced to stop operating throughout Russia (something that’s highly unlikely). [GSN]


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