Is this New Soap Brand’s Logo and Name Referred to as ‘Detrimental to Public Order?’

Image via Facebook.

Image via Facebook.

A hand soap out of Taiwan’s new logo is, ironically, being called dirty, because of the company’s new logo that may refer to gay sex. The company, Soap Picker Studios, is being denied their trademark by the Intellectual Property Office because, according to the company’s owner, the name relates to “pick up the soap” and refers to “gay men’s sexual behavior.” She claims that the IPO said the product is “detrimental to public order or good morals.”

The creator of the logo, says that he knew the design would be provocative, as it includes a butt, but didn’t think it would break any laws.

Taiwan Law Blog says that it was denied because dropping the soap refers to sexual assault. “Whether trademarks should be denied for morality reasons and what standards should be applied are worthy of discussion, but to pretend that the name of the soap company does not, at best, make light of sexual assault is disingenuous,” the letter from the IPO to the company’s owner says.

Do you think the IPO is making mountains out of mole hills or is their legitimacy to their concern?


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