Italy Creates New LGBTQ English-Language Website for Travelers

Italy Creates New LGBTQ English-Language Website for Travelers

Italy is a very welcoming and friendly country, and even better, they’ve just launched a new website, QueerVadis, which helps English-speaking travelers and ex-pats learn more about the dynamic and historic nation and its welcoming spaces for queer visitors and locals.

QuuerVadis offers feature articles, travel ideas, and even news about current events and notable LGBTQ Italian residents. it’s not only a great way for queer travelers to discover the best and most accepting places in Italy, but it’s also an excellent way for them to feel more comfortable before visiting.

Articles like Venice’s LGBTQ+ History and Picture-Perfect Italian Beaches for LGBTQ+ Travelers not only help inform potential visitors, but also add depth, history, and a welcoming sense of inclusivity that’s incredibly important for many travelers when touring abroad.

Furthering their commitment to inclusive travel, Italy will also be hosting the 2022 IGLTA (International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association) convention in Milan.

In the meantime, LGBTQ visitors can check out QueerVadis for more info or follow them on Instagram @QueerVadis.

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