King’s Cross Hosts “Queer Joy” Exhibition Through August

King’s Cross Hosts “Queer Joy” Exhibition Through August

In London’s King’s Cross the Outside Art Project presents “Queer Joy,” an exhibition on display through August 31st celebrating queer love through 50 portraits from 10 LGBTQIA+ photographers. 

Portraits depict queer couples exuding happiness and love and seek to capture the essence and individuality within every queer identity. These works are exhibited in Granary Square, Pancras Square and Battlebridge Place. 

The Outside Art Project has turned King’s Cross into an open-air gallery with exhibitions displayed on gallery benches. At large, this summer’s “Queer Joy” showcase seeks to carve a place for queer artists and identities in the history of photography and art, and is a part of a larger multi-year campaign. 

The photographers who captured these works were selected by a nationwide search done in 2022 as a collaboration between GAY TIMES, Getty Images, Queer Britain and Skittles. Photographers were called on to break through media stereotypes to create a more accurate representation of LGBTQIA+ identities. 

The exhibition is just one of the ways the King’s Cross neighborhood has celebrated Pride this summer. Throughout June, King’s Cross was lit in rainbows and the tunnel that connects King’s Cross to St. Pancras station was also clad in colorful decor. 

London has plenty to offer for LGBTQ+ visitors including the Queer Britain Museum in Granary Square, which is the U.K’s first museum exploring queer culture.

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