Lashana Lynch Named One of the Harper’s Bazaar ‘Women of the Year’

Lashana Lynch, who is about to star in the upcoming Bond film, has been named one of the Harper’s Bazaar ‘Women of the Year’. She holds this title alongside other women, such as Jane Fonda and Gillian Anderson.

Lynch, who is best known for starring in Captain Marvel (and creating quite a stir about a potential Captain Marvel LGBTQ love interest) and appearing in the series Bulletproof, is about to make history when she stars in No Time to Die, alongside Daniel Craig. This will be the 25th Bond film and the first time a black woman is portraying Agent 007.

Per usual, racist haters had lots to say upon hearing that the new 007 would be a black female. However, early reviews of the film have stated that it is, in fact, an excellent film, with a focus on the dynamics between the aging Daniel Craig’s Bond and the new special agent (Lynch) tasked with replacing him.

The film was originally set to premiere earlier this year, but because of the COVID-19, it was pushed back twice. The new expected release date will be April 2021, assuming there is enough vaccine distribution before then.

Congrats to Lashana Lynch for making 007 history and for reigning as one of the Women of the Year!

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