LGBT Youths and Immigrants Interrupt Romney and Ryan Victory Speech

Dream Act Protest in Tuscon. Image via Passport.

Undocumented and LGBT youths disrupted Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s victory speech at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport this morning in an effort to denounce the Republican presidential candidates hypocritical policy positions on immigration and LGBT issues. Shouting “We want the DREAM Act” and “We want full equality,” these young people made it their point to leave Romney and Ryan with a powerful and unified message before they flew out of Florida.  “It is not enough for Romney to use a Latino to speak before him and talk about the struggle of being an immigrant. He must face the issue himself and commit to continue to defer action and support the DREAM Act,” said Erika Andiola, an Arizona DREAMer.  “The Latino community will not stand for discriminatory policies that break families apart—whether they are undocumented or not, straight or LGBT,” said Andiola.


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