Log Cabin Republicans Hire Self-Proclaimed Anti-Gay Influencer

Log Cabin Republicans Hire Self-Proclaimed Anti-Gay Influencer

The Log Cabin Republicans have shown how self-loathing they can be by hiring a notable anti-gay influencer as an ambassador for their conservative “gay” organization.

In a scathing opinion article for the Washington Examiner, Brad Polumbo digs into the Log Cabin group and questions their motives behind hiring Isabella Riley Moody. A self-described “homophobic troll,” Moody was named as an ambassador for the Log Cabin’s influencing group, Outspoken USA, this past Wednesday. She spoke about her new position in an enthusiastic tweet that said, “This is literally SO GAY! Happy to be a the token straight homophobic b*tch ambassador for @GetOutspokenUSA!”

In a recent video for Right Wing Watch, Moody is on video explaining that America puts “f*****s” on a pedestal and that “I wish we were a homophobic society, and that the truth!”

“If you’re confused, rest assured that everyone else is, too,” Polumbo adds. “The only conceivable explanation I can come up with is that they’re doing this for attention…I still don’t fully understand what’s going on at Log Cabin Republicans.”

Polumbo reached out to both Moody and Log Cabin Republicans for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

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