Louisiana House Votes to Uphold State’s Sodomy Ban

Louisiana Capitol. Image via Passport.

Louisiana Capitol. Image via Passport.

In a surprising decision, the Louisiana House has voted to uphold their controversial anti-sodomy law. In a vote of 66-27, the House rejected a bill that would have repealed the law, which has surprisingly remained on the state’s books. While many may assume that the law is a mere novelty, and that it is never enforced, last summer the state of Louisiana came under fire when sheriff’s deputies used the law as justification to arrest men who agreed to have sex with undercover cops.

Representative Patricia Haynes Smith (pictured above) was the politician to introduce the bill that would repeal the sodomy law. She cited a desire to end negative press brought to her community as the motivation to introduce the bill.

While 2003’s US Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas officially deemed anti-sodomy laws unconstitutional, Louisiana and 16 other states have yet to revise their laws to reflect this decision.

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