Meet Laurent Brunner, the Director of Performances and Spectacles at the Palace of Versailles

Job description: Arranging masked balls at one of the most extravagant palaces in the world; deciding the seasonal programs of operas, ballets, and classical concerts at an exquisite former private opera house owned by a king; working with world-renowned artists such as Jeff Koons, Anish Kapoor, Murakami, and Olafur Eliasson; and staging a musical fountain show and fireworks in a formal royal garden. Sound like a dream job? Laurent Brunner is the lucky man who performs all of the above tasks and plenty more as the director of performances and spectacles at the Palace of Versailles. His position also includes the programming for The Royal Opera House of Versailles(, the jewel-like private opera house of King Louis XVI.

In our interview, Brunner speaks about his early love of music and art, the storied history of Versailles, highlights of the exciting 2018 season, and details about some of the standout performances from the past.

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