Mother Teresa’s Charity Ends their Adoption Business Over Gay Adoptions

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

There must have been a well-founded reason for Mother Teresa’s charity to end its adoption business, but alas, it is due to the fact that the charity refuses to assist single, gay parents in their quest to adopt.
Where is this coming from? According to a news source, new guidelines in adoption practices from the Indian government “guarantee that single, separated, or divorced individuals will be able to adopt children.”
Previously the Missionaries were able to “accept or reject prospective parents at will.” However, this change in policy has been welcomed by many thanks to the new level of transparency the online register CARA provides in the adoption process.

There have been two reported cases so far where single prospective parents have been turned down. These incidences have caused the department of Women and Child Development (WCD) to express that if The Missionaries of Charity do not respect the new guidelines, the government will be forced to transfer children out of their care and into the care of orphanages that do follow the new guidelines.

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