Nashville Restaurants That Make Us Go ‘Mmm’


Nashville has the power to move you (quite literally), and, if I can’t convince you, Brian Riggenbach and Mikey Corona will. The gay couple from Chicago packed their bags, booked one-way tickets to Nashville in November 2016, and opened a restaurant, The Mockingbird. “We relocated to Nashville after a series of events that emanated from Brian’s debut on the Food Network’s Chopped (spoiler alert: he won!),” says Mikey. “One of the judges on the panel for his episode was a Nashvillian, Maneet Chauhan, who invited us to visit the bustling culinary scene of the South. We made a trip from Chicago to taste what we’ve been hearing about in Nashville, and we fell in love! It was very soon after the visit that we began planning our move to become part of the exciting scene.”




What makes an American city’s culinary scene often shine is the diversity of cuisine offered, particularly global influences. Ethnic food helps foster a destination’s identity, and it proves that cooks in the kitchen have exciting backgrounds from various walks of life. While Southern comfort food is the big draw in Nashville, ethnic food is also done well, thanks to a diverse community from multicultural backgrounds, which certainly has an impact on the food you eat. It’s exciting to see chefs explore international flavors, and even more so when they perfectly execute the cuisine.


Husk Veg Plate

Husk Veg Plate

For a restaurant to have a strong impact on diners, it must aspire to serve great food that is a significantly memorable experience. This includes service, restaurant design, originality and a certain “wow” factor, and Husk goes the whole nine yards. Opened in 2013, Husk is that definitive Nashville restaurant where most foodies make a reservation before visiting (ideally, since reservations here are hard to come by on short notice). Husk is as glorious as it is important, and it’s credited for truly spearheading Nashville’s contemporary dining scene.

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