New Application Allows Visitors to Central Park in NYC to Order Food Delivery

CityMint project manager Tim Diamond Delivering Fro-Yo. Image via NYDN.

When you’re too lazy to roll off your towel and pick up some food at New York’s Central Park, there’s an app for that. The CityMint application for iPhone allows park visitors to order delivery from nearby restaurants (so far just seven). The restaurants involved won’t need to buy the technology for their delivery men, CityMint has their own “runners” to make the deliveries to you as quickly as possible (20-30 min). Hopefully, we’ll be seeing this kind of technology popping up at parks and beaches all over!

If you want to take the app. for a spin it’s free to download and free to deliver. Participating eateries include Francesco’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, Aroma Espresso Bar, China Fun, Big Nick’s Burger Joint and Pizza Joint, among others. The service will be available through Labor Day. [NYDN]

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