New Video from New York State and National LGBT Cancer Network Shows the Importance of Transgender Health

Screen Cap via YouTube

Screen Cap via YouTube

Originally produced for their own LGBT cultural competency training, the National LGBT Cancer Network has just released their memorable LGBT training film titled  Vanessa Goes To The Doctor. The 8-minute film about a trans woman of color visiting a new primary care doctor, contrasting LGBT-affirming and unwelcoming practices. The style cleverly imitates 1950’s instructional videos, making the content lessons easy for healthcare providers to absorb in a funny, unthreatening, but powerful style.

As part of a larger initiative in New York State, the video, funded by New York State Health Department, hopes to raise further awareness for medical practitioners as well as transgender individuals who are often afraid to see a health care professional.

We’re excited to see what other life-saving and life-changing initiatives New York has up its sleeves.

You can check out the film after the jump (maybe some of these practices can work in more than just the medical setting)….

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