North Carolina Official Accepts Applications for Gay Marriages

Screen shot via YouTube
Screen shot via YouTube

Two public officials in North Carolina are caught between personal views and their public duty to uphold a constitutional ban on gay marriage that was passed in the state in 2012.

Drew Reisinger, reigster of deeds for Buncombe County, publicly accepted applications for a marriage license from 12 same-sex couples this week as reported by Reuters. Reisinger has expressed his support for gay marriage and advocates see this as a promising early step toward reversing the state’s ban as unconstitutional. He did not immediately issue the licenses to the couples as he would with heterosexual applicants, but Reisinger did promise to forward them to the office of Attorney General Roy Cooper for legal advice.

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Cooper expressed his support for gay marriage on Monday but is also under oath to uphold the state constitution. Attorney General Kathleen Kane of Pennsylvania has said that she considers a similar ban in her state to be unconstitutional and would not defend it in a court of law. Proponents of gay marriage hope that Reisinger’s actions will prompt Cooper to make a similar point.

One of the applications came from Brenda Clark and Carol McCrory, who have been together for 25 years and raised two children.

“We feel that we deserve the same rights as everybody else,” McCrory said in the video. “We want the same validity for our family that we have together that other people enjoy. That’s all we want.”

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