Petition Demands that ‘Men’s Health’ Put Transgender Man on Cover after He Rightfully Won Contest

Image via Men's Health
Aydian Dowling. Image via Men’s Health

Vlogger Aydian Dowling, a transgender male blogger, rightfully won Men’s Health Ultimate Guy search when  he won the most votes in an online contest. The 27-year-old, though, never won his prize of becoming the first-ever transman on the cover of the magazine.

Dowling earned 72,672 votes compared with only 23,572 for the runner-up. But editors of the magazine chose the overall winner, and they went with Tim Boniface, a firefighter from Kentucky who can be seen posing by himself on this month’s regular cover.

So despite being the clear choice of the voters, Aydian was relegated to a special “collector’s edition,” where he appears with a group of men, off to the side: half of his body in shown in profile near the fold.

A new petition has been launched demanding that the magazine put Dowling on the cover, and it’s already received plenty of traction. 


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