Principal of High School Comes Out as Transgender to Parents in a Letter Home

In a feat of honesty, a principal of a Massachusetts’s school came out as transgender in an e-mail to parents. The Heath School in Brookline principal says it is a decision that is a lifetime in the making and decided that being in a public role that Asa Sevelius would openly transition. In a letter home, Sevelius talked about the correct gender pronoun to use, he, and how parents can discuss his transition with their children.

“When transitioning, some trans people choose to transition medically. Some don’t. I do choose to transition medically. I’m in that process right now, and I need to make sure that my community, as much as possible, is a part of that process,” he told WBUR.

“I work with almost 600 kids every single day and I need them to not exist in some weird, confusing place, but to really be able to be brought along in a way that is developmentally appropriate for them and not to be surprised when changes to my body occur — my voice deepens, for example, or I’m suddenly able to have a mustache when I’m greeting them at the front door,” he added.

On why it is so important for him to come out openly: “As a school leader, part of what I do every day is to encourage people I work with and surround myself with to bring their most authentic selves to the work. I think otherwise, we’ll be very unhappy in this work.”

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