Queer Art Exhibitions Around The World

Queer Art Exhibitions Around The World

Art is one of the many forms of self-expression that allows the LGBTQ+ community to convey meaning, communicate emotion, and give power to their experiences and stories. Queer art has existed for centuries through ancient depictions of same-sex love and gender identity, and now LGBTQ+ artists are being celebrated in some of the most prestigious museums around the world. We’ve compiled a list of upcoming and ongoing queer exhibitions that are worth a visit, with some vitual showcases available that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

LGBTQ+ Audio Trail At Museum Of Liverpool

Liverpool, England

In partnership with the hosts of Bottoming an LGBTQ+ mental health podcast, the Museum of Liverpool introduces a new audio trail that explores objects and artifacts through a queer lens. Exhibitions include objects relevant to Liverpool from arts, sports and entertainment industries. This showcase has no foreseen end date and can be visited throughout the year during museum hours. 

Hosts of the Bottoming podcast, Matthew and Brendan said of the exhibit: “We want everybody that visits the museum to enjoy exploring the galleries with us through an LGBTQ+ lens – whether they are in the community or not – and take the stories forward to ensure that our histories are forever shared and celebrated.”

Peter Hujar: Performance and Portraiture

Chicago, Illinois

The Art Institute of Chicago presents the works of late American photographer Peter Hujar as he explored a love for theatre, dance and his own identity as a gay man in the 20th century United States. His stunning portraits are a tribute to a career spent photographing theatrical companies, dancers and actors both onstage and off. Over 60 works from the photographer are featured along with some works from artists in his social circle including: Greer Lankton, Sheryl Sutton, and David Wojnarowicz. This exhibition can be viewed until October 9, 2023.

Desire, Love And Identity At The British Museum

London, England

This exhibit takes viewers along a 15 object trail featuring artifacts highlighting themes of same-sex love, gender diversity and desire. Listen to an audio guide, and delve into the histories behind ancient statues, plaques, china and more that depict images of young male lovers, Mesopotamian deity Ishtar, who had the power to assign gender, and additional objects devoted to female desire and sexuality in ancient cultures. This exhibition is ongoing and can be viewed at any time in The British Museum. 

Queerate Tate

Virtual Exhibition

This queer exhibition takes digital form to present works co-curated by members of LGBTIA+ community worldwide. After countless submissions were sent in, the exhibition was narrowed down to 20 works in a public vote. The result displays paintings, photographs, prints, sculpture and more are showcased from international artists that date as far back as the 18th century. See this exhibition here.

Museum Of Transology

Virtual Exhibition

Holding the U.K.’s largest collection of objects representing trans, non-binary and intersex people’s lives, the Museum of Transology offers a must-see collection for those looking to explore and celebrate queer art. Throughout the museum, objects and artifacts document life experiences from clothing to toiletries, to prosthetic breast pieces, a display of hormonal gender treatments and more. The collection can be viewed online, but occasional pop-ups and collaborations offer in-person viewings and even invite attendees to bring their own objects to contribute to the collection. See the exhibition here. 

Pridelines Art Gallery

Miami, Florida

Pridelines is a grassroots non-profit that seeks to empower and support the LGBTQ+ community in South Florida. Offering not only mental and physical health services, but community centers where LGBTQ+ community members access resources to help them complete school work, find a job, complete online courses, find queer books, films and documentaries and more. Currently on display in their art gallery are works from queer artists including: Sam Kirk, Ali Miranda, Khaulah Naima Nuruddin, Grisel Ors and Tim Smith. Artworks take a variety of different mediums from paintings to sculptures, pottery and photography. Works from these are displayed in the gallery indefinitely. Learn more about the artists.

Featured Image by Jorgen Mcleman

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