Queer-Owned Fashion Brands for Fall 2023

Queer-Owned Fashion Brands for Fall 2023

The fall season is the perfect time to up your fashion game, and this year you can get intentional about your clothing consumption and shop with a sustainable LGBTQ+ owned brand. Not only do these brands work to support queer communities, but many of their pieces cater specifically to queer experiences. Many designers have developed genderless clothing lines, gender-affirming products, and apparel that will help you to feel your most authentic confident self.

Nicole Zïzi Cropped Recycled Denim Trucker Jacket and Recycled Denim Pants (Photo courtesy of Nicole Zïzi)

Nicole Zïzi Studio

Join the mission to make fashion genderless with this brand focused on sustainably made and worn streetwear and home essentials. Zïzi Studio knows the negative impact the fashion industry has on climate change, and is taking big strides to ensure their company does not contribute. The company only partners with ethical manufacturers who provide safe working conditions and fair wages to their employees. Creating all the basic necessities for your wardrobe including jeans, sweatshirts, jackets. and t-shirts. The clothes found here are quality-made lifelong pieces for everyday wear. 

Peau De Loup

The founders of Peau De Loup, Erin McLeod and Adelle Renaud, come from very different backgrounds. You may recognize McLeod’s name as she played with Canada in the Olympic World Games for soccer. Renaud, on the other hand, is a designer and product developer. Together they decided to start a genderless clothing brand, making clothes for bodies, not gender, starting with a line of button down shirts. Now all types of clothes made by this brand are made from upcycled fabrics which means many styles are limited edition. With this brand pieces are guaranteed to be unique, ethically produced, and made to fit just right.

Origami Customs

This brand is owned and operated by a trans and queer team whose mission is to ensure that customers are purchasing body-affirming items that make them feel their most true selves. They also customize their handmade lingerie, swimwear, bras, tops and more for individual orders and requests. If you order a product and it doesn’t quite fit, the company will alter it for free until it’s perfect for you. Each piece is made with care here and the site also includes a blog and community page where you can find resources to locate gender-affirming clothing and products and updates on the company’s progress, as well as lifestyle tips and more.


Perhaps one of the most popular queer-friendly clothing brands, Wildfang started 2012 in Portland, Oregon when Emma Mcllroy and friends decided to put all their money towards starting the company. Millions of dollars and four storefronts later, the company is one of the most popular gender-inclusive brands on the market. Since their inception, Wildfang has given back over $1 million to good causes. On their site, all information about the inner workings of their company is made public including vendor rates, company strategy, hiring ethics and more. Here you can shop androgynous blazers, button ups and pants, but also jumpsuits, coveralls and suits.

Kirrin Finch

What started as a mission to reimagine menswear and womenswear, turned into Kirrin Finch, a company founded by Brooklyn-based couple Laura Moffat and Kelly Sanders Moffat. Apparel here is menswear-inspired and conscientiously-made in the US to fit non-binary and female bodies. The name for this brand was inspired by fictional characters from famous books like “To Kill a Mockingbird,” who are known as iconic tomboys. 

Featured Image: Kirrin Finch Burgundy Blazer Pant Suit Set (Photo courtesy of Kirrin Finch)

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