Randy Rainbow and Patti LuPone Skewer Donald Trump in Hilarious New Video

In a new video called If Donald Got Fired internet celebrity Randy Rainbow held a debate for Donald Trump and Joe Biden, with the help of his special guest, Patti LuPone.

As the debate breaks down into chaos, Rainbow and LuPone break out into song, condemning Trump’s legacy as president and wishing America could go back to the way it used to be. The video mocks Trump’s inability to hold a debate, his horrible tweeting, his campaign’s rampant spread of fake news, and more.

Ultimately, the video asks viewers, haven’t you had enough of this administration? 

The video, which was just released today, has already amassed almost 200k views at the time of writing. Also provided with the video is a link to Randy Rainbow’s ACLU charity fund. Rainbow is raising money for the ACLU to help bring civil rights to all Americans. So far, his campaign has raised over $8,000.

To help ensure your voice matters this November, be sure to register to vote. It’s easy, surprisingly quick, and is the surest way to keep our democracy alive. 

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