Republicans Harass Children at LGBTQ Event (Again)

Republicans Harass Children at LGBTQ Event (Again)

Once again, the party that is so intent on “saving kids” has turned to harassing and threatening them instead. In the most recent incident, a group of “Proud Boys” stormed into the San Lorenzo Library in California during a Drag Queen Story Hour event. Story Hours are intended to be fun ways for kids to engage with the LGBTQ community. Drag queens dressed in sparkly and colorful outfits read stories to children while also making jokes, asking questions, and having activities. They’re simple, family-friendly events.

Republicans wouldn’t know that, however, since they’re too busy barging in and screaming, rather than actually seeing what a drag queen story hour is.

At the San Lorenzo Library, drag queen Panda Dulce was getting ready for her reading when a group of Republican men barged in and began harassing library staff, parents, and children. The Republicans began calling the parents “groomers” and “pedophiles”. One even wore a shirt that had a gun on it and wording that read “kill pedophiles”.

The police didn’t make any arrests (even though they should have) but claim they’re opening up a hate crime investigation. However, the police didn’t arrest the men at the scene, meaning it’s unlikely they will actually take any action. This serves as further proof that those in power have no interest in helping the LGBTQ community or stopping Republican radicalization.

After the attack, Sarah Kate Ellis, the President and CEO of GLAAD, released a statement saying,

“Storming a children’s story hour is reprehensible. No child, family or person should ever be subjected to this inexcusable and hostile behavior. This rhetoric and incitement of violence against drag performers, LGBTQ people and allies can be directly attributed to politicians and their enablers spreading misinformation and vile rhetoric and must stop immediately. Every reasonable person should demand their elected officials speak out against this incident and this rhetoric. We must hold lawmakers accountable to keeping all kids safe from real harm.”
This is just one of many instances of Republicans harassing and threatening members of the LGBTQ community, as well as their allies. It’s likely that this trend will continue and proves the need for stronger protections for LGBTQ people in America.

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