Revry Launches Wild New Game Show Called ‘Versus’

Revry, the 24/7 queer network, has just launched their new show Versus, hosted by comedy sensation Deven Green (who many will recognize as Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian).

In each episode, two contestants face off in a series of bizarre challenges, from having to remember their own tweets from years ago, to having to answer bonkers questions like, “which animal breeds faster, bunnies or goats?” It’s also a quick program, with each episode running only around 5-7 minutes in length, making it the perfect way to pass the time in the subway, while cooking, or while on a quick break from work.

According to Revery, keeping score isn’t as important as having fun, and the comedic antics of Deven Green keep every episode fast-paced, fun, and hilarious.

Contestants for the inaugural season include iconic drag queen, Varla Jean Merman (aka Jeffrey Roberson); TV talk show The Q Agenda hosts, Enrique Sapene and Lianna Carrera; actor and model, On Mekahel; musician, Christopher Saint; actor, Cole Jenkins; Channel Q radio host, Ryan Mitchell; and actor, Matt Baume.

You can stream the first season for free here on! 

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