Google’s New Driver-less Car has No Steering Wheel, Brakes or Gas Pedals!

Image via Google/Twitter
Image via Google/Twitter

Google took the auto industry by storm when they released their first driver-less car, but in just a few years, the technology empire has already taken their innovative driver-less car to a whole new level by introducing the first-ever car that has no steering wheel or brake or gas pedals. The new product solely relies on sensors and software to navigate the streets. The car, which for now only goes up to 25 mph, also comes equipped with an emergency stop button, just in case the technology goes a little haywire. Google plans on building 100 to 200 prototypes of the electric car, but it is unclear as to whether or not the company plans on selling the technology to automakers or continue to manufacture them. “What I’m excited about is how we could change transportation today,” Google co-founder Sergey Brin said. “If you look at people who are too old, too young, or disabled, and can’t get around, that’s a big challenge for them.”

Check out a video demonstration after the jump…

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